Vastu Shastra: Frequently Asked Questions, Chapter XV, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Q. No. 9. – Can the toilet be built on the South West?

Answer – No, it is very bad. If the toilet is built on S-W, there will be mental tension and the eldest male member of the house will fall ill. Either store-room or Master bedroom can be built in this area.

Q. No. 10. – What is the effect of a toilet in the North-East corner?

Answer – Toilet should not be built on the North-East also, as it is the place of God. So a prayer room, a study room or a bedroom for children may be constructed in this sector. Toilet in NE cause mental tension illness, long lasting disease and bankruptcy.

Q. No. 11. – On which side should be the staircase?

Answer – The staircase may be built on any side except the N.E., in such a way that people might descend from the staircase facing East or North. The area in S-W, South, West, S-E, N-W, North, East should be used in order of priority.

Q. No. 12. – Kindly tell where should be the Septic Tank, underground water sump, overhead tank, borewell and open well be built?

Answer – Wells, pits, underground storage of water should be in the NE, North, or East. The septic tank can be in the North or East but not in N-E corner. The overhead tank may be built in the West, S-W, N-W, North or Eastern areas without touching the roof or the parapet wall.

Q. No. 13. – What are the demerits of a “L” shaped building? If necessary, how it should be constructed as per vaastu?

Answer – The “Vaastu Shastra” always recommends that a house should be built in the shape of a square or a rectangle. Of course, out-houses built on the corners may be round. So it is not good, as per the “Vaastu Shastra” to build houses in other shapes i.e. L, U, O shapes. The `L’ shaped buildings are constructed with only two sides; thus missing the remaining ones. This is not in accordance with the basic principles of Vaastu Shastra.

If constructing such a building is compulsory, The construction may be started along the South side beginning from S.W. and proceeding towards S.E. leaving as less space as possible on the plot in the South. Then another building may be started along the West side beginning from S.W. and proceeding towards the North side wall of the plot. The vacant space between the house on the South and the compound wall must be less than the space between the North wall and the house. In the same way the vacant space between the house and the east wall must be double the vacant space on the West side. In these houses, the level of flooring and the roof of the Southern house must be higher than the level of those on the West.

If stairs are to be built on these houses, Verandas must be constructed on the East and North and then stairs should be built. If stairs are to be built on the only one of these two houses, it must be built only on the house on the Southern side. But one should not forget to built Verandas on the East and the North. It should always be noted to see that the level of the house on the South is higher than that of the flooring and the roof of the house on the West.

This is quite correct according to the principle of the Vaastu Shastra. As regards this door ways, elevation & depressions and windows, rules referred to above in the previous pages may be consulted.

Thus construction of the `L’ shaped building on a plot lowering the level on the South and West with both the buildings touching each other in S.W. corner, are not advisable as it causes financial crisis, no issue or, lack of male issue, enmity, accidents or sudden death.

We have observed in large number of cases that violating the rules given above for a `L’ shaped buildings very bad; because in such house the landlord becomes henpecked. There are financial losses, delay of the plan, addiction to vices, distress sale of property, and accidents etc.

It is hereby sincerely advised that if at all `L’, `U’ and `O’ or any other irregular shaped construction is a must; a learned Vaastu Expert must invariably be consulted.


Shanker Adawal

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