Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part – 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planets are divided into two groups

Devik planets : Sun, Moon (full), Mars, Jupiter

Negative planets: Mercury, Venus and Saturn – they are also called the Asuras.

Example: Just to broach on the subject slightly, Mars is the significator of 3rd house which signifies adventure, valor and foreign travel. It is the same thing which Mars also signifies. Hence Mars is called the significator of 3rd house.

If proper attention is not paid on the significating planet or planets in the matter of predictions, there are chances of the predictions going wrong. For e.g. the Moon is the significator of the 4th house, hence if related to the 4th house even though the 4th Lord may be weak, the native gains the happiness of house and vehicle. Similarly Sun is considered as benefic for the 1st, 9th and 10th house because he is the significator of soul, mind, body, fortune, wealth, position, honour, power, fame, promotion and fatherly happiness.

In the later paragraphs we will briefly explain how the planets play an important role and give the methods which should be kept in mind while analyzing the horoscope when we analyse it with respect to the Bhrigu Nadi system. I would request the readers to go through the various charts which have been analyzed and understand the drama which are played by various planets in house posted etc.

Before enumerating some of the important issues that need to be kept in mind while analyzing the horoscopes, I am giving below few of the other important basic explanations.

We should be however clear that Moon has a very important role to play and has a changeable character. Moon when in conjunction with Venus will become deceptive in nature. In the horoscopes explained, there would be examples where Moon is conjunct with Venus in Cancer and having Mars ahead of them would bring about a situation where the person is likely to get deceived depending upon certain other parameters.

Jupiter is the guru of Devik planets while Venus is the guru of the Asur planets. Mercury is the eunuch and tends to take the character of the planet with which it is associated. It should be remembered that Mercury is a planet which causes division whenever it is weak. Similarly, Mars when debilitated and associated with Saturn, it becomes extremely dangerous. A very important principle to be understood is that planets like Mars or Jupiter when debilitated or weak, will give negative results and if associated with negative forces of Saturn and Venus, will not be helpful. They rather help Saturn and Venus.

Have again tried to illustrate things which are important and which have to be kept in mind though various such issues are explained, I repeat, in the horoscopes which have been analysed.


From a relationship perspective, Sun is friendly to Moon, Mars and Jupiter. Venus and Saturn are its enemies. Moon is friendly with Sun and Mercury and neutral to Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. As mythology has it, Mercury was born out of a negative relationship between Moon and Jupiter. Mercury will always try to harm Moon – mother. On the other hand Moon, being its mother, will always try to help Mercury. Similar is the relationship of Saturn (son) and Sun (father).

Example: Therefore, from a very simplistic approach, whenever Mercury is in the house of Moon, the traits of Mercury will prosper, but on the other hand when Moon is in the house of Mercury the traits associated with Moon will not do well. This needs to be kept in mind while analyzing the horoscope / relationship.

Me Mars is friendly with Sun, Jupiter and Moon while Mercury is its enemy. Mercury is friendly with Sun and Venus and inimical to Moon, as explained above. Jupiter is friendly to Sun, Moon and Mars while its enemies are Mercury and Venus. Venus is friendly with Mercury, Saturn; Sun and Moon are its enemies. Saturn is friendly with Mercury and Venus, its enemies being Sun and Mars.


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