Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 25


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Wife comes back – Native happy

The native will be happy as his wife comes back.

It is only when Jupiter transits Leo, the native will be happy as his wife comes back.


He will live up to a good old age of 72 years.

The 6th round is from 60 – 72 and Jupiter contacts Leo sign whose lord Sun is in 8th from Leo in Pisces with Ketu. In the 6th round transit in Aquarius whose lord Saturn is debilitated with enemy Moon. Saturn is lord of 12th from Jupiter.


Saturn is Chandala and being debilitated with Moon gets tomoguni and mind is spoiled and then things spoiled. Saturn is bitterer towards Mars than Moon and so against Mars helps Moon and tolerates Moon.

The planets have first responsibility as in houses and then reach to planets in previous houses and it was because of this that Mars in relation to Venus was first a delivery of child i.e. Venus gave birth to a child Mars first than other story of elopement due to planets in previous house started.

Saturn is karka of karma or activity and in this capacity having Mars an enemy in next house starts fighting with Mars.

Wife comes back and native is happy

As Venus transits in Cancer the inimical sign this time i.e. 3rd year after elopement is not happy. As Venus transits in Leo, the lord of sign is 4th lord from Venus representing home. This Sun is in 8th house from Leo which means death of some event. Now this Sun joins Jupiter (the native) and again lord of 8th from Venus and also 11th (union). Thus it indicates death of an event (elopement) and union with husband and so the native is happy. This needs to be read carefully.

And so when Jupiter transit in 6th round it becomes fatal. Jupiter transits on natal Jupiter of course promises happy but due to presence of Ketu he dies. When we do delineate married life, great care should be taken in forecasting.

Disciple Question

Guru ji, can we know from the child chart that the boy born to the native before the mother elopement and child being denied the mother care and love for some year. Kindly elucidate.

The master answers

In the year named “soumya” (one in 60 year cycle of reckoning) there is a day when Moon and Saturn occupy Aries. Moon in Leo, Jupiter in Libra, Venus in Scorpio, Sun in Sagittarius along with Mercury and finally Mars and Rahu in Aquarius.

Chart No. 3

(The previous chart belongs to father and looking at that chart and considering the transits of Jupiter, the native must have got married when Jupiter transited over Venus at 26 years of age and child was born when Jupiter transited over Libra in the sign of Venus where Venus and Mars combination is there in Taurus i.e. at 31 years of age. By this time Saturn has come back to its natal position in Aries as indicated above. (Saturn is to be taken for a period of 2 ½ years approximately in each house and Saturn is in a sign for 30 years).

Elopement could have taken place when transiting Jupiter was again in Taurus i.e. 38 years of age. Wife come back when Jupiter transits Leo.


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