Vastu Shastra: Height of the Building, Chapter IV

Chapter 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

There are some rules laid down in Vastu Shastra about the height of the buildings. It is said that there is flow of positive as well as negative energy in the atmosphere and Vastu has laid down some rules to get the positive energy and check the negative energy in the premises of the building. The height is another criterion, which in one way again related to weight. The height either be kept equal everywhere in the building or it will be preferred to keep the South and West higher than the North and East as the South, West sides will automatically gets heavier and this is very auspicious. But never keep the North and East sides at more heights than the South, West.

If these principles are not adhered to then there are chances that some unexpected calamities make the owner of the plot suffer, as explained hereunder:-

1. Height of the building in south, west and south-east direction is very good which leads to all round prosperity. In this building the north-east and north-west is opening. This is considered the best shaped building.

2. Height of building in south, west direction is good which leads to increase in health, wealth and all round prosperity. In this type of building north and north-east is open.

3. Height of the building in north direction leads to loss of wealth. This is inauspicious building in which North – East and East is closed.

4. Height of building in north, east direction leads to loss of fame quarrel and death of off springs. This building is inauspicious as North, North-East, East and South East is closed.

5. Height of building in south, west and south direction is considered good and increases wealth.

6. Height of building in north and south direction led to quarrels in the family and with neighbours. West and East vacant create disturbance between brothers also.

7. Height of building in east and west leads to quarrels, loss of wealth and health. Leaving centre, South and North vacant causes disturbances.

8. Height of building in north-east and north, east direction leads to litigation, death loss of health and wealth. Covering North East area leaving South West open is purely inauspicious.


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