Frequent breaks in career – why? Astrological Combinations in Various fields!

office job GIFThe following are important combinations for profession/ career on business. A mention about the broad indication for professions by each Planet/ Sign/ Nakshtra had been given separately. Here we shall give the combinations i.e. when more than one planet are associated together in one sign/house. It may be mentioned that these combinations must not be applied blindly as they are modified by their strength/ weakness and aspect of other planets both benefic and malefic aspect would trouble the native on various steps of life- whether it is business or profession or service.

  1. Government Employment: Sun and Moon in the 10th house, Saturn and Sun (any where – service with pitfalls). Sun with Jupiter gives position in judiciary which includes profession of an Advocate. With Mercury, Venus and Jupiter (Retrograde), (12th house) – the native had a high position in Government employment, the Sun in 11th house, because of Mars and Ketu (8th house), the native had to lead a miserable life with constant disputes in service and also quarrels with his superiors.
  2. Professions involve lot of traveling- Marking- Saturn with Moon, Artistic bent of mind, Smuggling, cheating tendency, Business/ profession relating to earth and water (mud, bricks, water etc.)
  3. Earning with obstacles: Saturn and Mars combination. The native earns by telling a lie if the combination is in 11th house. However, much earning is indicated including acquisition of land building if this combination is aspected by Venus/ Jupiter.

  • Retrograde Mars in Lagan and Retrograde Saturn in 4th house.
  • Mars with Saturn and Rahu-Factory/ Industry with break in career.
  • Saturn, Ketu and Mars – displacement in career by legal disputes.

4. Professions relating to trade, writing law, authorship etc:- Saturn and Mercury, Juipter involvement would give the needed intelligence and ability. Venus and Jupiter gives professional respect and copious money – also money lending/ banking profession and connected professions.

Independent Career: Saturn and Jupiter. The native even a beggar i.e. most fortunate combination. Independent career, self employment, head of the organization

  • Venus, Saturn with Mercury – independent business after the age of 30 years or so.

Banking, money lending, finance companies.
Saturn and Venus – luxurious profession. Banker, accountants, money lending business. Also for property dealers (real estate agents).

Subordination position.
Saturn with Rahu. If Jupiter/Venus are involved, promotion after initial subordination. Also masking abilities and Joker – including fraudulent/cheaters. Posing as what he is not i.e. posing as CBI officer etc come under this combination

Lawyers/ Advocates etc.
  • Mercury and Ketu but with Saturn and Ketu, native may not get the expected fruits of labor.
  • Jupiter and the Moon- rather Jupiter alone and well placed is capable of making a lawyer.
  • Jupiter with Mars specially in 2nd house makes the native criminal lawyer specially when the Sun is in the 10th house.

Inherited business or father's professions!
  • Saturn with the Sun and the Moon. With the involvement of Mars at gives worries in the professional work.

Frequent breaks in career – why?
  • Saturn with the Sun and Mars- Governemnt service, Police, Army, Navy specially when the Sun and Mars are in 10th house and in a fiery sign – Aries, Leo and Scorpio.

Luxurious career in art and trading.
  • Venus with the Moon and Saturn – the native shall have both accounted and unaccounted wealth. With Jupiter's joining, the native becomes expert in a technical subject including a consultant in financial institutions.
  • Venus with Mars and Saturn.

Bad Professions-slugging etc

  • Moon hemmed by Rahu and Saturn.
  • Saturn with Moon and Rahu- shady deals.
  • Renouncement from the worldly affairs, religious activities.

Saturn with Moon and Ketu.
Saturn with Rahu and Mars.
Jupiter influencing Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.
Property dealers, trading brokerage and real estate business.

Mars with Saturn and Mercury- Bad Mars may give rise to constant quarrels including among partners.

Merchant banker, surgeon, engineer etc.

Mars with Saturn and Jupiter
For surgeons look at the position of Mars specially in 6th/ 10th houses in Aries/ Scorpio.
Specialist / analyst and for in depth study- Jupiter with Rahu and Saturn.

Artists: Favorable signs – Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius. Venus and Mercury to be prominent- also Mars giving creative ability. Favorable aspect of the Moon is also needed.

Mars/Venus /Mercury for actors.
Architect: Saturn is most prominent (planning and structure) Mars and Mercury to be favorable.

Athletes: Mars with Jupiter specially of Virgo/ Sagittarius.

Astrologer: Mercury the mathematician has major role to play, look for combinations with other planets. Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Moon and also Venus.

Chemists: Mars and Mercury with Saturn-Sixth house should be favorable/active.

Doctors: Mars and Jupiter- Mars gives both surgery and medicine.

Dancers: Venus, Moon and Mars. First and fifth house should be active and favorable.
Electrician and electrical engineer: Mars and Mercury- Mars gives the mechanical ability. Look at Mars in 10th house.

Politicians, VVIPs and Ministers
Exalted planets specially the Sun and Saturn. All planets should be well placed. Two/three planets must be in their signs or in their Mool-trikona positions. Birth should be with Gaj-Kesari Yoga (Moon and Jupiter), Budha- aditya Yoga (the Sun and Mercury).

Teacher: The Sun, the Moon and the Lagna normally fall in Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius. The Lagna and ninth house are found to be active alone with the 5th house.

Now a mention is made about more beneficial yogas connected with professions of the native. The native is considered to be fortunate when born with Vargothama position i.e. same sign in rasi and navamasha.

Planets placed in angles (kendras) occupying their own signs or Moola trikona signs are called 'Karakas' with respect to each other. One of these planets in the 10th house merits special consideration.

The existences of Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas are equally important for professional rise. The Panache Maha-pusha yogas are respectively Ruchaka, Bhadra, Hamsa, Malavya ans Sasa Yogas. They are caused respectively by Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn when these planets happen to occupy Kendras (angles) houses, identical with their own signs exaltation signs or Mooltrikona signs.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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